The safety is not a product …
It's a process


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Enjoy safer technology™

We believe in technology – and we want to make sure that you can enjoy it in safety.


Enjoy safer technology™

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We don’t take the easy way. We constantly push boundaries and are determined to make a difference.


We encourage honesty and fairness in everything we do. We have an ethical approach to business.


People need to know they can count on us. We work hard to live up to our promises, and to build trust and rapport.


We’re passionate, driven and determined to make difference. We believe in ourselves and what we do.

Padide Sall Ofogh (Padidesoft)

In today’s fast-paced world, one of the most important tools for development is security. Thanks to technology, people are moving towards sustainable secure development and safety is an indispensable part of it. Our business and our community encountered malicious software which infects computers and it can stop them working appropriately. It can delete or corrupt our files and can allow others to access our computers and damage our irreplaceable information. Nowadays virtual world has encountered an enormous change and has transformed to a field which needs to be protected uninterruptedly.
For this reason, Padide Sall Ofog is endeavouring to find new and exclusive solutions to provide safety for thousands of homes and businesses through working shoulder to shoulder with our global partners. Our mission statement is to rejuvenate online security and freedom for our customer in cyberspace.
Padide Sall Ofog Company is working under the name of Padide Soft which stands for Cyber Security. We safeguard digital contents and provide online security product such as Anti-Virus (Retail and Corporate) and unified threat Management appliance (UTM) and SSL Certificates among others for our customers.
Our aim is not selling our products as we believe security is not a product but it is a continuous process that begins with selling a product. We attempt to keep our customers informed about the security news and latest online threats.
We not only pursue our customers’ satisfaction but also determined to provide them with the most reliable solutions to experience the best.

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